Tec 4 starts 2 to 3 times and (sometimes) turns off while printing

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Re: Tec 4 starts 2 to 3 times and (sometimes) turns off while printing

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Pavel-NS wrote:My printer is not new, but I've got firmware upgrade recently - Marlin 1.1.8
I have printer shutdown problem when heatbed was regulated by PID, bang-bang mode is seems to solves that.
The power supply seems to work less stable with the PID controlled heated bed, although I never had a drop-out while printing, but just before, when bringing the bed and the extruder up to temperature. What helps me is activating the motors first (do a small move to get them activated), which puts some basic load on the power supply that helps stabilizing things.
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Does it do the same thing when the USB is disconnected? I've noticed most slicing software when they connect to the Tec4 cause the whole printer to restart - and a lot of them have auto-connect so it will seem as if the printer starts twice.

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