Felix pro (1 and 2) inefficient filament cooling

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Felix pro (1 and 2) inefficient filament cooling

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When will we get a better way to cool the filament cooling it only from behind makes prints be of lousy quality or never go over 30 mm/s and thats already pushing it :( .
I have seen pictures with a Pro who had a funnel in C shape blowing all around , why dont we get that one?
For testing i used the Racing vase test on thingiverse and compared it with my Ultimaker 2 Go and my Prusa mk3.
The unmodified Ulti drops in quality at 60 mm/s with a better funnel at 80 , the Prusa goes up to 80 and the Pro is at 40 as bad as the prusa at 100mm/s. If the Pro would cost 1000 € less i would say ok its a 2 head with a low price but its not acceptable at the price tag it has . And i even upgraded to Pro 2 so no one can say i want to speak badly of it ,i even do anything to make it work in hope there was an improvement but i dont see anything at all except for less autocalibrate errors but still some.
But PLEASE IMPROVE THE COOLING it makes prints from a printer with superb quality into a mess as soon as you go over 30 mm/s.

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