Printing with ABS

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Re: Printing with ABS

Post by daresan »

I just printed a small warhammer-style figure with ABS, with following settings + spray glue applied on the kapton tape on the heatbed:

ABS: 245°
HB: 85° (max of Felix 3 Printer)

I don't know how well it will work with bigger objects, but so far no lifting of the object occured, it sticks perfectly to the surface.
The first layer I printed with a speed of 50 then I switched to 100, but I think even 300 would be possible for simple objects with straight angles.
I raised the flow to 105 for the whole print, which I also do for my PLA prints.

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/Edit: It was a bit hard to get it off, so I would not recommend it for bigger objects... ;)

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Post by frankjoke »

I use for ABS, isolated bed on bottom (reaching 100+ but using 100) on a glassplate (from a 3€ photoframe), I exchange the plate with anothe plate which I use for PLA ( sticks too much on PLA, even without heating bed).

No prob since then.

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Post by steve3dprinters »

ABS is generally compatible with almost all kinds of 3D printers and if the print manual shows it non-compatible with some 3D printer, it is advised to print with other materials.
You can check 3D Printers Bay to know the kind of printers which are compatible with ABS. ... rch=abs%20

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