Leveling out the printbed

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Re: Leveling out the printbed

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It looks like guys from Felix absolutely ignore this major issue. The same story here and now. How long you complain? That's really ridiculous. 0.3mm concave + and wisted. Technically it is faulty part and should be exchange. By the regulation of EU the buyer has a minimum guarantee 2 years. ;)

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I know it doesn't help to say it, but just to give you an idea there are flat beds of this type out there, mine came flat enough for my purposes and remains flat today. The issue it did have however is where the middle bolt attaches to the plate was unstuck, it's sit fine with gravity, but if I pulled off a print, it'd ride up and it'd be un-level - I'd level it again, then clean the plate, which then pushed it down again, and made it un-level again... Quite maddening until I found the issue.

Three applications of superglue seems to have fixed it, but I wonder:

a: why didn't one application fix it
b: considering both the heat and 'a', is it safe ?

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