Print suddenly offset on Y axis

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Print suddenly offset on Y axis

Post by Hugues »

Hi al,

encountered a new problem this morning,

suddenly roughly in the middle of my print, the layers got offset in the Y axis by about 5 mm, picture below,

the gcode visualization looks good, i also managed to print that part before without this problem, so stl must be fine i guess.

i'm re-printing the part now to see if it was just a fluke, or i managed to insert something in the gcode without realizing it
Regards from Switzerland

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Post by angryangel »

i think something blocked the bed an it looses some steps

check if the bad is moving witout geting stucked perhaps the wires under the bed get

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Post by t800 »

I can't really tell form the image. But do I spot some warping ?
Maybe the print assembly got caught up on the object ?

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Post by Hugues »

i cannot see anything that would have blocked the bed in that direction, but i cannot rule it out completely either.

There is a bit of warping (forgot to put spray) but the part did not move on the bed, as you can see the part is still centered on the initial perimeter.

I have now printed a second part and it went out fine. :?

Will keep an eye on that.

Definitely not the type of problem i like, random fluke, no apparent reason....
Regards from Switzerland

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Post by killejano »

Next time this happens press home on Y mid print and see what happens. No need to pause or anything just klick it home.

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Post by Mayhem »

dont want to create new topic for this. Someone have an idea what might cause this?

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Post by Hugues »

Had something similar this week when my Y belt was loose.
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Post by josa »

Had a similar problem a while ago. Check the y-axis motor pulley and see if it is fixed tighly. When it is loose it will have play with respect to the motor axis. During high accelerations the y-axis will move through this play and generate a shift of a few mm.

kind regards,


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Post by hoolito »

I was thinking of using this for the set screws of the pulley: ... ue-242.htm
Still haven't had the time to buy it but this should get rid of this risk.
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