Leaving printer alone on

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Leaving printer alone on

Post by Ramaisdrama »


I have drawn today my first big part to print. I just finisht the slicing process butt the print takes about 24 hours off printing. My questions to you:

1. Do you let the printer print when you are a sleep?
2. Do you let the printer print when nobody is home to take care of it?
3. Is there some way to putt pause the print en pursue one a later time?

Its scares me a little bit, to let the printer unattended.

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Post by Mayhem »

my printer is running almost every night :D
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Post by gobi »

i think the longest i let my printer run was for 18 hours and 30 minutes and it came out wonderful - i was having nightmares that night but it came out wonderful :D

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Post by superhornet59 »

My printer is running 24 hours 7 days a week. I don't worry about it starting a fire or anything. worst case scenario it just wastes some plastic and electricity. That being said if your print is that long and therefore big, I'd recommend using a sub-40% infill setting to prevent any warp.

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