Felix 2.0 Printer Reliability?

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Re: Felix 2.0 Printer Reliability?

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I will find out.

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Trnquill wrote:Not necessarily related, but my printer developed a random clogging issue a month ago. No unusual problems before that, but now the hot end is clogging every once in a while. I have not changed the filament in months, just printed small parts from the same spool of black PLA every now and then.

My printer just stops extruding at some point and the filament drive gear digs itself into filament. If I notice the problem right away I can quickly pull out the filament, clean the hot end as usual and restart the print process. But if the printer gets to continue trying to print for some time the filament will seize in the hot end so well I have to disassemble the whole hot end assembly to get it out. That is: I can't even pull the filament out by hand! It does come out a centimeter or so but then just jams. I have jammed the filament in the cold side of the hot end assembly now two or three times so bad I had to melt it out with a blowtorch. If I manage to get the filament out I can see it has a 1-2cm bulge (a thicker portion) right at the end. It looks like there's some extra room (diameter of the tube is too high) inside the hot end heater part or the cold part which allows the filament to expand. When printer tries to retract filament, the bulge jams up in the cold part of hot end and seizes.

Is this fixed in the new hot end? Actually, what has been changed in the new hot end design? The pics in the web shop look identical to v1.0!
I'm having this same problem. What is the solution, please?

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Had the same problem again after a few months of trouble-free printing.

I've ordered and changed the peek and brass tip, now printing without a problem again. Maybe these parts internal surface wear out over time.
Regards from Switzerland

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Also had the same problem, even when parts were new. If retrack was longer than 2-3mm filament jammed quite often. Nylon was especially difficult. Melted, little thicker part of filament stuck on PEEK. Decided to make PTFE insert on PEEK and aluminium part as discussed on these pages. Not long experience yet about that but it seems it solved the problem. 10 mm retrack works OK on extruder change.

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