Felix 2 Circuit Diagram wanted

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Felix 2 Circuit Diagram wanted

Post by seaton »

Can someone please post a current circuit diagram for the Felix 2 electronics, I gather it based on the Ramps controller, however they are very different physically and I'm trying to locate a fault with my LCD backlight and my SD card detect.

I've Emailed Guillaume but I do understand he is very busy (building and selling this great printer) and haven't received a response.

I also want to pick up some unused I/O to drive a small laser head for engraving/cutting.



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Post by dext0rb »


I'm thinking about adding a Z-probe. Anybody know the pin locations of unused I/O?

Are Felix 2 and 3 boards the same? I have a 3.0 board.

I don't think there are schematics for the 3.0 board, since it is "closed source" (OK. Really?)
I'm not in the mood to rip up my wiring and reverse-engineer the board myself at this time.

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Post by satoer »

Just use the ramps /Arduino schematic.


You can use the same firmware for ramps or Felix board so, the pin configuration should be the same.
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Post by andrewsi »

While the design is essentially similar enough to be pin compatible from the point of view of the firmware on the Atmel CPU, it is worth nothing that (at least on the 2.1 version of the Felix electronics board) there are some different component selections from the RAMPS 1.4 schematic spec:

1) Allegro 4982's rather than 4988s (or other replaceable drivers using the same carrier pinout spec)
2) the MOSFETs appear to be NXP 1R3-30's (or some kind of knockoff) rather than STP55NF06L's, which from my point of view is definitely a change for the good from the heating standpoint.
3) Of course, there don't seem to be any of the same headers for aux GPIO or for max-travel endstop sensors. However, that does open up lots of possibilities for unused pins for a z-probe, although getting at them would require some very fine soldering to the QFP leads or locating easier-to-get-at vias that would lend themselves to soldering on additional leads and/or connectors. Without a board layout diagram showing the hidden layers of the PCB, that's probably not a trivial exercise, and of course those aren't public for the Felix board.
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Post by wwowgold »

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