TEC4 Resume print without homing

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TEC4 Resume print without homing

Post by weigu »


I'm using a Felic TEC4 dual with Simplify3D or octoprint. When printing with one extruder and more colours (changing at different heights) like described here:
, I have some times the problem, that when I send the second g-code file (beginning at a defined Z-height) to print the second part of the piece the printer doesn't move but only extrudes filament. It does not react on g-codes to move or the display commands.
I understood, that bed and extruder have to be at temperature to be able to move the extruder. I can heat everything up with g-code or by the display, but even then I can only move to X and Y (after homing XY), but not in Z direction because a Z-home is not possible. I understood that I have to home Z, but a normal home can't be done because of the already printed first part of the print lying on the bed.
I tried to move with X and Y to a place on the bed where Z-probe can be done and used G30 to do so. This succeeded but even after that is was not possible to move Z with g-codes.

This happened already several times and it is frustrating to not be able to resume a print after several hours of printing.

Is there a possibility to reactivate the printer with g-codes so Z could be set to a defined height and a print could be resumed?

Thanks for help and enlightenment :)


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Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi Weigu,

It seems that perhaps the motors are disabled in the gcode. If you then want to home again, it will not work because axis can only move after home command.

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Post by weigu »

Hi Guillaume,

To print the first colour to a defined height I used your last Simplify FFF file, deleted the Ending Script and replaced it only with:
G1 Z20 F5000
So there is no M84 or similar.
Does perhaps the firmware itself stops the motors after some minutes of inactivity?
With which command could I reactivate the motors to resume without probing or are the XYZ positions lost after deactivating the motors?
BTW Are the recent positions stored in EEPROM or SRAM. I often see ??? on the display. Does this mean they are not known at that moment?

Thanks for your reply

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