FelixTec 4.1 Dual: Calibration Extruders

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FelixTec 4.1 Dual: Calibration Extruders

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Hi all,

I did a firmware update of my FelixTec Dual 4.1 to the most recent firmware version V09 during my days in the home office last week. Flashing, reset EEPROM, leveling build platform everthing runs fine but not the calibration of the dual extruders via menu "Calibrate Extruders".

I did the steps as described in the manual: load PLA with "Change Filament" in both extruders. After selecting "Calibrate Extruders" and selecting "Continue" in both next screens there a two different behaviors
- it will print the pattern for only one extruder (E1 or E2 randomly! if I repeat the steps for calibration from scratch), see photo in the attachment, E1 was loaded with blue PLA, E1 with black PLA, both nozzles have free flow
- If I do the steps for calibration without "Home all" before I select "Calibrating Extruders" then i got no movement but only a quick feeding of filament only one pattern.jpg (see video)

Do you have any idea?

Best regards,

calibration filament feeding.mp4
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only one pattern.jpg

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