Upgrade Felixprinter 1.5 to FELIX Tec 4.1

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Upgrade Felixprinter 1.5 to FELIX Tec 4.1

Post by TyRGeN »

Hi all,

I still have a Felixprinter 1 which has been upgraded to 1.5 but ended in a box because of a dead stepper driver.
Today i'd like to upgrade it instead of throwing it away but i can't find the price of the stepper motor set (which are smaller)

Can somebody help and tell me how much do they costs ?

Best regards,

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Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi Stéphane,

The seperate stepper drivers are not sold anymore by us. But basically any stepper driver which is compatible an arduino ramps control board should work.

Also what stepper motor set do you mean exactly?

Kind regards,


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