Thank you, FelixPrinters

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Thank you, FelixPrinters

Post by djgeenen »

"FelixPrinters, thank you for a beautiful machine." I posted that six years ago in 2014 and I have to say it again. Early this year I upgraded my Felix3 to a Felix4 and once again I have a beautiful machine. The Felix3 printed reliably for six years but the DIY Felix4 upgrade and Simly3d software combination has taken me to a new level. The Felix4 is working beautifully. So thank you again FelixPrinters for your design expertise and upgrade strategy.

David Geenen
studio djgeenen
Sydney, Australia

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Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi David,

Thanks for this positive feedback. Glad you like our machine!

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Post by vicoz2009 »

Hi David,

I wholeheartedly agree with your comment. I bought my printer from a fellow somewhere in Sydney, it was version 3. I later upgraded through to tec4.1 and amazed how the same printer is became a different beast with features that makes printing even much easier (bump mapping, semi-auto bed levelling, removable magnetic plate). Although my journey with the upgrade was very rocky - short of stopping from throwing my printer out the window, I am glad i stuck with it because this thing is so well made and precise. (Note, the rocky journey was not the fault of Felix - I was on a work trip at the US and ordered my upgrade 3.1 parts from a local supplier there, where the issue of receiving my parts very troublesome - anyway Guillaume came to the rescue)

Glad to hear from a fellow Sydney sider, I've been trying to get Taulman Bridge nylon to print and happy to share my findings here when i do. I have stopped short of buying Simplify3D, it would help me a lot if you can tell me if there is a preset for Tec4, and nylon (taulman bridge even). If so I might actually get it.

Hi Guillaume,
Many thanks too for a piece of engineering art, this thing is very reliable and accurate from day 1 that I had it. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

Sydney, AUS

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