questions and help with TEC4.1

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questions and help with TEC4.1

Post by vicoz2009 »


I bought the 3.1 to tec 4.1 upgrade, i must say it's made me love this printer more with: neater look, (semi)auto bed levelling, bed bump mapping, all metal hot end. I'd like to maximise the use of this printer so have a few questions compiled below.

1) Build plate coating (under setting)
a) When I measure the coating (in this case PEI sheet to be stuck on the plate) I don't seem to get the nozzle to get to the right height, even if I perform the calibration of z-probe (sometimes I do this two times.) What is the proper procedure?
b) when I change the build plate coating to Buildtak or custom height it freezes the screen and i have to turn the unit off and on again. Is this normal? I have v10 displayed when i turn on the printer.

2) Calibration
a) does the unit remember the last bump map and / or z-probe calibration when you switch it off then on again?
b) during the start of a calibration the nozzle does a few trips around the bed, in particular after the centre it then moves right and forward, touches the bed and then homes. Sometimes it may stay there. Is there a reason for this? sometimes if my calibration is not spot on (due to issue in question 1 above) it digs a hole there or sits there for a while).

3) Change filament midway during a print
a) sometimes i wish to ensure the flow of filament is ok halfway during a print, for example for nylon would push the filament out to ensure good flow (finding it clogs). In some random instances the nozzle will go to the rear of the plate then very slowly creeps back to the print and travels lower. It will destroy the print part it contacts and i have to cancel the whole print. Is this a general issue or a hardware issue?
b) when I perform this during the first few layers it is fairly low to the build plate, would be good to do it at a height so that the filament won't build up around the nozzle, is this changeable in the settings somewhere?

4) extruder version
a) in my upgrade pack is this version 2? I can't see what v1 looks like for tec 4 to compare.
b) does v2 have the teflon tube inside?

5) Nylon Bridge help
a) I'm having no luck with this filament, seems to under extrude after about 5mm high. If anybody had any luck with tec4/4.1 what settings are you using?
(with cura) I have tried 15mm/s speed, 250 - 260 temp, no retraction and with retraction (2-4mm), over extrude 110%-125% or under extrude (80%) or normal, 0.2mm to 3mm height.

thanks in advance
Vic from AU.

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Post by vicoz2009 »

To add to 5.a) I always dry my filament for several hours at least 5 hours or more.

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Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi Vic,

Good to hear you like the printer more after the upgrade :)
1a. Ensure that everything is mechanically fixed properly. The setscrew at the bottom of the spindle is very important.
1b. The freezing is because it is heating up the hot-end and bed heater before performing the measurement. This is a bit unclear, but if you wait for 1-2 minutes it will complete the routine.
2a. yes, this is permanent
b. this is strange. Are you sure you are using the latest firmware. Also it would be good to perform an eeprom reset.

3a. Does it touch the object because the edges have warped? The nozzle should not go below the last position it was at. So only way it touches the object because of warping.
b. At this time, it only does relative motions in xy, so an idea would be indeed to change the filament change position all the way to the front, so you can always easily reach the nozzle. This can only be changed in the firmware.

4a. We only provide v2 hot-ends. We stopped with v1 2 years ago. we only provide v1 spare parts for people who already have them.
b. v2, does not have a teflon tube anymore, this appeared to be not reliable in the long run.

5. 2-4mm retractions, will not work with any filament. This is way too much. I would maximize this to 1.25mm. Above this, you will pull the hot-filament all the way into the cold zone of the hot-end increasing the risk of clogging. The all metal hot-ends are more sensitive to this than the older hot-ends. When having an occasional retraction, larger retractions are usually not an issue, but when you have a lot of retractions in a short time, due to a certain geometry, large retractions will cause clogging. Also try lower temperatures. Our hot-ends generally need lower temperatures than is advertised on the filament of the manufacturer.

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Post by vicoz2009 »

Hi Guillaume
2b I am on the latest and will try an eprom reset.

3a it would have touched (gone through) the object if I let it continue as it was well below where it last left by that time. I might try an extrusion tower or something to clear out the nozzle instead. The part has not warped at this point in time too.

3b will check the firmware, this sounds like a good feature. Might have to ask you later if I can't find it.

4b great to hear - am at ease it is v2

5 I see! will try this distance and lower temp.

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