"X" Axis homing issues - FELIX 3.1 machine

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"X" Axis homing issues - FELIX 3.1 machine

Post by johnzon »

Hi, I have just got my 3.1 back on line. Working great, making lots of good prints. Suddenly the home for the "X" axis does not stop at the optical sensor and grinds away with the carriage jammed against the motor. My first thought was that the OPTO-sensor was not working. Swapped it out with a new one - same problem: I home the "X" axis with the machine controls and it just grinds away for a minute or so. Then we are good to print. This is setting my teeth on edge. Not only that, but it cannot be good for the belt!
Has anyone got any ideas what is going on? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Post by Van_Opstal »


Just wondering if you happened to find the cause or perhaps solution to this problem yet?
I have a similar problem with the x-axis on my Felix 3.1, only it's the opposite. It's a problem wich was already present since before I upgraded from 3.0 to 3.1, and I found a workaround for it. Also I didn't used this printer very often, so I never really looked for a permanent solution.

When I press home, it moves in the wrong direction, for about 10mm, and then stops, and the machine also thinks it's in it's home position. But other than this strange "tick" everything works normal as it should.
I also thought this was a problem with the sensor, but swapping it for a new one didn't solve the issue.

My workaround for this problem is, instead of using the homing function, use the manual controlls either in the software or on the machine itself to move the x axis 10mm at a time until it's completely in it's home position, followed by setting that position as zero (or origin, depending on the software)
After that I can just start a print normally. Even if the Y or Z axis are not set to home yet, the machine seems to ignore the x axis when it receives the homing command from the starting gcode.
I use Simplify3D as slicing software, but I assume it's the same with every slicer, since they all just create standard gcode to send to the machine or SD card.

I hope this helps for you too, or if you found a solution or the cause of the problem or any other insights, I very much like to hear about it


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Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi, it sounds that in case of Johnzon, the opto circuit is constantly closed and not able to open the contact. Most likely there is a short circuit of the input. That can be at the connector by a loose wire, or perhaps something on the mainboard itself.

In your case it sounds like the sensor is not functioning or perhaps something on the mainboard. The firmware thinks the sensor of the x-axis is constantly triggered. When you then press home, the firmware thinks it is already at the home position and then moves away at a defined distance and then assumes it is at home position.

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