pro2 problems

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pro2 problems

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i have a felex3 printer for 8 years.. using with repetier , printing pla or abs always ok..... 99% happy with this printer.
bought a pro2, and now 3 weeks full time testing , i was not able to have one print finished.....

calibrating bed, calibrating XY - upgrade to V10, resetting eeprom , using with repetier, but always some problems, reading all info found on the net.
most with Z axis , calibrating bed , but if you start to print head is 1 or 2 mm from the bed on 1 layer.
even if you continue this messed up print for 5 or 6 layers... ( head is 3 or 4 mm from the bed)
stopping print.
homing - x y and Z.
restart same print ..... if will automatic zeroing Z axis ( repetier info X= 0) seems ok ....but
it start the print but head is 5 6 mm from bed .....

recalibrating bed will temporary solve the problem for 1 run .....
it seems me that the position of the z axis is not stored and it start the next run at the end point of the preveous print attemp.....
what's the solution ?

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