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I have a printer configuration 1.5, hot-end version 1.0. Until yesterday, printer work without major problems. Problems only made ​​orange fiber purchased from this store (frequent jams in the hot-end). I gave him one last chance and turned on the printing. Morning I was in shock :o . The printer has printed up to 6 layers, and then probably head slightly and caught the problem.

I advise anyone as hot-end save?
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Try heating it whit a heat gun, heat it gently from the nozzle side until it starts to soften and then try remove it but be carefull not to melt the PEEK( plastic part in the hot end)
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I'd put it in the oven at 100-120°C, or even higher, and then try to remove the tumor :)

Nothing should be damaged by that temperature, I'm sure the connector you used can handle more as well, typically.

What also comes to mind is heating a knife or chisel in the oven, something bulky and sharp anyway, to have enough thermal mass to slice off the worst bulges without heating up the whole part.

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