Printing services with Felixprinter

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Printing services with Felixprinter

Post by print3duvi »

At the University of Vigo (Spain) we are using our Felixprinter 1.5 to print some of our mech eng. designs in PLA.
Usually small parts, few pieces .
But, this time we need to print 40 pieces of about 150cm3. And we have a deadline in aprox 10-15 days!
Each piece takes us about 10h to be printed.
We are doing our best, but... we need help!

I have tried to "externalize" printing via contacts (they quote $0.25/cm3 for white PLA), but none of their printers is a Felixprinter.
And I want to be sure about getting the same good result as we get with our Felixprinter.
Could any of you help us with printing some of the pieces we need to produce?
Lets say 10-20 of them?

Here is a link to download our design stl file (all of the 40 are very similar, although not identical) ... f=P2.1.STL

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Post by raiberakamle »

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Post by jonathbenz »

We have many online printing services that provides us with many printing and designer services..Managed Print Services is the active management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes.

Catalogue printing Singapore

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Post by Saamec »

No need to promote their services. Those who are here reading posts without you everything is already done.

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Post by Waxick80 »

Does anyone know a printing services in Australia. I have recently relocated over here.

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