Felix 2.0 extruder: cross threaded bolt problem

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Felix 2.0 extruder: cross threaded bolt problem

Post by Kentxu »

Found a snag while assembling the extruder. Page 23 of manual (Version2 – 12-April-2013); "Close the hinge door and screw in the m4x40 bolt"
The bolt cross threaded and became locked!! :o
Could not undo it, so only solution I could think of was to cut the bolt off. Here's a video to show the problem;


At the moment a new nut is being glued in, so will see how it turns out tomorrow...

1. Did I do something wrong in the assembly to cause this?
2. I have increased the gap between the two parts where I cut the bolt. Will these parts still work with this gap?

Any help appreciated!

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Post by Kjetilei »

Hi Kentxu,

Sorry to hear about your troubles!

1. Probably not. Most likely just a little bit of bad luck. I have lost count of how many times I have fastened the long bolts on my dual extruder design - never had a cross threading problem...
2. I'm not using the standard extruder so I really do not know the correct answer, but I can't see why it should be a problem.

Good luck with the rest of the assembly and thanks for the unboxing video - you might consider posting a thread for it on the forums :)

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Post by And326 »

and who prevents the screw to change to a less long.
similar in the hardware store, but buy another. they are

I also had a problem when changing the whole structure of the extruder by 2 version. broke down on the screw thread M4 which regulates the tension of the thread.
set screw with the fan and the fan placed under regular Phillips screwdriver

and even put a spring on the screw M4, between the body Extru_base_pt2_v5_F0_0 and Extru_arm_v5_F_2_0. To better regulate the thread tension.
it is better Extru_arm_v5_F_2_0 walks and walks away when you turn the screw.
Spring has gone from a normal cigarette lighter. It is inside if you break the body lighter of it stands in the pressure mechanism.

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Post by Kentxu »

Thanks Kjetilei and And326 for the comments.
Glue on the nut seems to have worked and I have completed the extruder assembly :)
Glue used: Araldite, 2 part, high strength (not the 5 minute stuff).

Yes, I did notice that the tension adjuster does not move freely. Will see how it goes.

Now for the rest of the machine...

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Post by Bachgassenbande »

Same happend last night when I tried to assamble the extruder.
Had to cut off the M4x40 bold and restart.

Seems like the whole extruder will be removed and replaced to something better as sson as my setup is finished and I found a reliable replacement.

Somebody suggestions for an better extruder?
Felix 2.0
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