Simple 10 sec. Z-switching vane modification

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Simple 10 sec. Z-switching vane modification

Post by Renevanderknaap »

This is by far the most simple and easy DIY upgrade for your Felix 2.0 Z-switching Vane.
It works great, looks professional and everybody can upgrade in less than 10 seconds. You dont have to drill, screw or glue.

The only thing you need is a clothespin or wasknijper as we call it in the Netherlands. Its a MacGyver solution :lol:

Depending on the Brand you might have to bend the spring a little.
Clip it on and it does the job.

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Post by angryangel »

Genius i will try this tomorrow

This seams to be really a MacGyver Solution

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Post by Mayhem »

Nice mod :)
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Post by dognotdog »

Great fix! I'll apply it, as soon as I remember to buy some spare clothespins :)

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Post by seaton »

nice simple mod, will be doing this tonight thanks for sharing

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Post by superhornet59 »

mind = blown

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Post by Kentxu »

It seems the Z-switching Vane was designed with this in mind!

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Post by maker »

my z-switching vane broke :( Do you guys know where to get the stl or the gcode? :)
many thanks

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Post by Renevanderknaap »

@ Maker: Sorry to hear it didnt work for you the way it was ment to be, probibly your spring had to much tension. There are some nasty plastic clothpins with very strong springs, try to avoid them, the wooden ones are the best and have al dimensions to fit perfectly. Bend the spring a little and slide it in position.
Seen from the last picture you have to slide it in from the back, you dont need much tension or any force to get it in place.
You can find de stl file under downloads/print_files/spare_parts


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Post by gta06 »

My z-switching vane broke too.

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