Simple 10 sec. Z-switching vane modification

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Re: Simple 10 sec. Z-switching vane modification

Post by Renevanderknaap »

Sorry to hear you broke your vane. How did you place it, from what side, what kind of spring did you use? Did you need any force to put in position? Maybe your spring is to strong or your vane was to weak.
I can take it off and place it back without any real force or breaking the vane. The spring is made of simple iron and easy to bend, you don't need a lot of tension. Remove the screw or place it in uppermost position before placing the spring.

Is there any need for more instructive pictures?

Gta06: Can you send me a picture of the spring you used (including the vane)

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Post by satoer »

If you print a new vane, you can manually home the Z. Press the " play" button to run the gcode, while the printer "homes" the Z, push something between the opto sensor when it allmost hits the heatbed. press pause when the printer tries to print the outer rim. Turn the Z stepper motor by hand trough the steps until the nozzle almost hits the heat bed. press play again and print :)
(or just turn the Z stepper motor by hand through the steps while printing, no pause required)
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