Termistor has died.

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Termistor has died.

Post by maoz »

Termistor has died. It show 2-4 degree at 25C (35 [email protected]). Do i have any warranty or i just must buy a new? Only half year of work.

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Post by satoer »

there should be a spare one in the kit.
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Post by alanh »

How do you replace the thermistor in the hot end. It seems pretty well jammed in there.

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Post by dognotdog »

The metal body sticks out a bit, and should be easy to pull out with a pair of pliers.

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Post by JTa »

dognotdog wrote:The metal body sticks out a bit, and should be easy to pull out with a pair of pliers.
If you're replacing the thermistor with one that does not have such metal body you could just yank the current thermistor by the wires and quite likely the metal body will stay in the hot end. Then you can just insert the new thermistor (with glass body) into the metal body and secure it in place with small piece of kapton tape. This way replacing it the next time will be less messy and quick procedure.

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Post by Fabbers »

maoz, consider yourself lucky you got 6 month usage out of the first thermistor. If you want to see the physical procedure in Russian we've just posted this explanation on our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXKrm2Iwzvg It can be interesting to watch even for non-Russian speakers as it takes you through step by step. If you post question on the clip in English, I will try to answer.

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