Yet another roll holder, and a cooling fan.

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Yet another roll holder, and a cooling fan.

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OK, I know it doesn't include any printed parts, so blasphemy to put this on an "additive manufacturing" forum, but I needed a quick roll holder to start printing ;)
- a length of 15x15 aluminium U box section
- a length of M8 threaded rod, plus M8 nuts and washers
- a piece of the cable covering which comes with the Felix 2.0 kit. This fits nicely over the M8 thread to give a smooth surface for the roll.
It's bolted to the back of the printer with 2x M4 t-slot nuts which were left over from printer assembly.
Spool Holder 2.jpg
Spool Holder 1.jpg
Here you can see it in action, plus a 60mm fan I added to the main board to cool the stepper motor controllers.
They were running at about 90ºC. Not too comfortable.
I wired it into the spare fan connection.

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