First run troubles

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Re: First run troubles

Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi suraki,

Nice to see you got your printer making stuff! It looks like the stepper motors should get more power, or they are getting too much power and giving you skipped steps because they go into thermal protection mode. You can try to play a little with the potmeters on the stepper drivers till you get it right. Also judging from the prints it seems that the extruder is not consistently extruding, please increase the tension on the extruder arm. Also check that the bolt is not turning along when turning the nut.

Please keep us posted on your results.

Kind regards,


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Post by Kjetilei »

suraki: A few questions/tips in addition to Guillaumes excellent tips (which might be the solution).

- What profile are you using? Try using the Normal profile if you are not currently using it.
- What temperatures and speed? Try to go slow in the beginning and use low temperatures.
- Is the hot end oozing filament if you just let it stand still after having extruded a bit? Then it is too hot.
- Have you tried with some painters tape (Blue Scotch tape) for better adhesion to the hot bed?
- How far is the hot end from the bed/last printed layer? One sheet of paper tick gap? Reduce distance if more.
- Have you checked that the air duct fan blows the correct direction?

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Post by suraki »


For the first time, i gave it a bit more power to extruder. It helped, but only a little.
Second, I set the extruder's arm tension as suggested Guillaume and this significantly improved the printing quality!
Getting better day by day! :)

Continues to struggle with bridges and the Z axis clearly wobble. The upper bearing have a play. I need to find a solution to it.
I think Guillaume might be modified in this section of instruction manual, and use washers...i will check it.

Yes, I use the Normal SFACT profile and i checked the air duct fan direction as you suggested.
I tried between 175C (it's too low, the extruder motor is only grind the filament) and 190C (too high, popping and bubbles on filament). The best for me with this green PLA filament is 180-185C.
I need more fine tuning on all axes, but i hope I go in the right direction. :ugeek: :lol:

Thank you all for your help!

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