EMC problem causes printer lockup

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EMC problem causes printer lockup

Post by Kentxu »

Printer has been working fine up till now. But last night had a couple of aborted prints due to an EMC problem.
I have the printer in my workshop connected to a laptop via USB. The problem occurred when I turned on/off the workshop lights (flourescent). Print stopped and no response from Felix display. Only way to recover was turn printer off.

I have not seen this when the printer runs stand alone (no USB), so I suspect it is causing a crash in USB comms.
However, I did not see this last week when the printer was being controlled by USB, so there must be something different in the setup.

Has anyone seen a similar problem?
Any clues as to what I could try?

Thanks, Ken

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Post by dognotdog »

Could be an issue with plugs of the USB cable, maybe something isn't making good enough contact, and thus there is too much resistance to prevent a voltage surge when the interference from the flourescents induces some current in the cabling, either directly or through some offset voltage at a device at one end. You could try probing with an oscilloscope, if you really wanted to find out.

You could try a different USB cable. If problem persists, try attaching both laptop and printer to the same wall socket.

Of course, USB may not be the issue, at all, but it could be interference with some other parts of the electronics, causing the microcontroller to bail. Fun, fun fun!

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Post by killejano »

I have the same problem and it is a USB comms problem. Every time I turn off the light the printer stops. Sometimes it helps to disconnect the power cable from my laptop and sometimes not.

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Post by Hugues »

oh !
i did have a few lockups some weeks ago after leaving my shop.
i vaguely suspected my turning the lights off. Printer is connected to lap top via USB at all times
But I did not experience any lockups for a few weeks, but at the same time, the neon light nearest the printer is not working anymore,
this could explain that.

Could it be the USB cable picking up the EMC ? Aren't these cables shielded ? If not, worth trying to shield it ?
Regards from Switzerland

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