Felix copycat from China

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Felix copycat from China

Post by HLA »

Hi everyone,

I find it sad and pathetic when asian producers take a product and copy it so obviously that even the name sounds similar. It's just so unoriginal...

Introducing the Fohix1 :(
http://www.aliexpress.com/item/3d-print ... 81913.html

PS: @Guillaume: this is not a special version YOU created for the Asian market, right?

Good day and happy printing!

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Post by dognotdog »

That is funny. Weird it costs so much.

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Post by gobi »


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Post by hoolito »

Really weird actually... but I wouldn't call this a copycat... The only thing similar is the axis concept and the standard profiles and the handle. Obviously it has been inspired in it. But all the rest has been redesigned in metal. Electronics and software also seem completely different. Below the printer is called HOFI X1, and not FOHIX.
Now, I don't understand the specification names, but you can guess them, and they are kind of hilarious. 60mm/s max :-) It costs like 10x as much as it should, where it should cost 1/5th
Really really typical Chinese!
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Post by Hugues »

but hey, let's give them credit, the seller, Mr du, has 100% positive feed-back ! ok, on 3 evaluation only, but still. I would completely trust such an offer, really. :-)
Regards from Switzerland

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Post by Danny-Lelystad »

Here is the same China product for a better price:
http://www.aliexpress.com/item/3D-print ... 34066.html

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Post by Fabbers »

I guess Guillaume has made the big time to have a Chinese knock-off made.

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Post by kimmoli »

I'm really impressed about the speed of HOFI X1 :)
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Post by satoer »

"3D printer (HOFI X1) +1KG ABS"

Well... lets turn the tables, what kind of underplate does that printer use to successfully print ABS? :D
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Post by hoolito »

Dear God...
Now trolls on the same thread of copycats..?
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