Software for Velix 1.0 D and windows 8

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Software for Velix 1.0 D and windows 8

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I bought assembled and used (a bit) my Felix 1.0 D last year in the fall. It worked Fine. But since then I have been too busy to do anything with it. Now I have some time, better CAD software & a new computer (Windows 8 64 bit). I'm having several issues. Before I start thinking my problems are mechanical, I'd like to be sure I'm using the best versions of the software (Marlin & Repetier)

One problem is that repetier repeatedly installs without print quality profiles (or it they are there I can't find them)
Another is that the printer responds to the Manual "Home" in Repetier Host but using the other manual controls other than the Y axis gives no result. (for some reason the Y axis controls work fine. And, as I said, the thing seems mechanically free because it does "Home" itself.

I've gone through the settings 'till I'm thoroughly sick if it and re-installed different Repetier versions but ... no joy

Help will be appreciated


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