Successful restart after a 2 month break

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Successful restart after a 2 month break

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Just thought why not giving a short positive feedback because I am just happy.

My 3d-printer Laptop had a SSD crash and I lost everything on it. Be carefully with this modern SSD they are not half as thrustworthy as the HD. I was so demotivated by all the data that I lost that I never set it fully up to run the printer software again.

Today I did because I wanted to test an airfoil for a possible selfmade RC sailplane that I have in mind. I think such a printer is ideal to test out several different airfoils.

So I set up all the software again and undusted the printer.
Created my airfoil in blender with data from an airfoil database and had it sliced.
Cleaned the printer table and heated up the printer.
Removed the green PLA inserted the white one and extruded still it came out. Surprissed that there were no jam in removing nor in inserting the new PLA filament I homed the printer and pressed start.

It did the first layer well and clean. So I left and came back in an hour to check again and in 2 hours again..

All perfect!! :P

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