Is there something like a Path Slicer?

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Is there something like a Path Slicer?

Post by rad »

While trying to print airfoils I hit an elementary problem.

In order to get a light wing I want to have the wing hull only 1 extrusion wide thick and also the infill which is just a smooth wave.. like a sinus -wave fitted in should be only one extrusion wide thick and best done in one peace.

If I try to produce the hull and the infill together the slicers are not intelligent enough to figure out that it has to do the hull and then the fill also when I gave it 2 stl files. The hull alone can be produced although with lose in shape precision.
The sinus-wave infill however it never wants to do in one line/peace.

I tried the 2 in the repetierhost and the kissslicer and the kiss one is the worst.

So what I wonder.. since I have the exact airfoil shape as path and the infill as there a slicer that works with paths instead splitting a volume? It's rather indirect to do something like that over a volume if you already have a path it should extrude.
I know I could generate GCode myself but that's then a bit too have to calculate the extrution and you have to create the layers etc.

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Post by superhornet59 »

Well, if you use either Slic3r or (my personal choice) Cura, here's what you can do. Start off by importing the wing/hull as a solid.
In Slic3r: Set perimeters and top/bottom solid layers (or something like that) to 1, and infill to something very low (5-10% maybe). Choose an infill pattern you like most (honeycomb is awesome!)
In Cura: If your nozzle diameter is the standard 0.35mm, then set shell thickness to 0.35 as well. Always a multiple of the nozzle diameter. Also set infill to 5-10%

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