Heated plate - dimensions

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Heated plate - dimensions

Post by Bachgassenbande »

As I'm really unsatisfied with the heated bed (Aluminium plate)
and applying a glas plate (2mm) helps but will not resolve the hughe variations over the plate (seems like the glas plate is alos not 100% even),
I'm looking to get a 4mm Aluminum plate with corresponding drillings.

Can somebody from felix printers please provide me a drawing of the aluminium plate.

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Post by superhornet59 »

Just a heads up, I have a 3mm plate and it is more than thick enough. I have it clamped at each corner to the aluminum bed (which is uneven) and so it is under constant stress, any thinner and it would break/deform. If you're going to ditch the heated bed, you can probably use a 1-2mm glass plate by itself. I'm personally going to get around to this, because I never use the heated bed, so I'm going to use a super-strong glue to attach 3 4mm bolts to the bottom of a thin glass plate (so you don't have to drill countersunk screw holes), spaced apart like the current bolts, and use that. Lighter is better.. it means you can go faster. I already have a bowden-extruder setup so my X-axis weighs practically nothing... woohoo can't wait for super fast printing! :D

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