Another dust trap

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Another dust trap

Post by stefanomoris »

A sponge with zip ties is hard to beat, so I guess this falls into the "bling" or "not really necessary" category :)

1. Print in the orientation shown. I used production, no support, dense fill.
2. Insert the hinge pins ( I used a paperclip)
3. Cut the closure joint as shown
4. "Crack" it open.
5. insert your favourite material (I used a 3x3x1cm piece of foam.)


STL: ... rapper.stl

G-code: ... utes.gcode

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Post by Hugues »

it is a fancy little trap really,
but that's what's nice with 3d printing, the cost of complexity is really low, compared to milling such a part.
Good job !
I'm still too "prismatic" when i design my 3d parts.
Regards from Switzerland

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Post by hoolito »

I like the design approach to building enclosures flat.
This way you can print as many openings you want without bridging or stringing... Or add screw bosses/strenghtening ribs on 6 inner sides...
I've been meaning to experiment with these ideas: ... r-cutters/ but still haven't found the time yet...
I think PLA is tough enough to endure the one-time bending and still remain strong.
Felix 2.0

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