Printer setup issues.

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Printer setup issues.

Post by pnguyen »

Hey all! Just put together my Felix 2.0! but i'm running into some odd issues.
first being my Opt sensors for xyz. There is no light! BUT they work none the less, if i hit the home button, it stops where the sensor hits the tabs.
is this an issue if there is no light?!?!??

2nd issue is homing my Z. i can't seem to get it close enough..... SO as i slowly close the gap, it moves close to it, and then goes back. SO for example i gotten it to a point where it basically touches the head of the hot end. BUT then it moves back 1 or its no where close again. what am i doing wrong? :oops: :cry:

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Post by Saamec »

If there is no light on the sensor is triggered, otherwise the light should be.

When calibrating the y-axis should disable or enable a printer each time in the programm, otherwise electronics remembers the old position of the Desk. Reconnect resets all.

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