Clash with Backlash

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Re: Clash with Backlash

Post by suraki »


I use SFACT Lash option with trial and error method. Just a few calibration prints and the result is clearly visible:
left: w/o Lash comp, right: w comp

After Lash compensation, the bridge test is little better to:
left: before Lash comp, right: after Lash comp

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Post by HLA »

Hi suraki,
This looks good :) Just one thing you might want to try:
set the parameter "Bridge width multiplier (ratio)" = 1.0 (under INSET) and reprint your bridge test ;)

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Post by MiguelKendrick »

One thing I always consider is the perfect nozzle diameter. When I purchased 8 Big Boy spools of ABS filament at 3d2print, I learned that the optimal nozzle diameter is .3 mm. It will give you high quality prints, guaranteed.

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