Resume print after power outage ?

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Resume print after power outage ?

Post by basit230 »

Hi, my name is Basit Zia and I am from Pakistan. I am new to 3d printing. After searching for a period of time i came across this "Felix 2.0 3D Printer" which I found is suitable for my usage.. I may ask so many questions before my final purchase but I have already found so many helpful answers to my questions in this forum. Following is the question which i haven't found any answer:

* Is "Felix 2.0" capable of resuming print which was ongoing before sudden power outage ?

please help me with this question because the place i am live in have some trouble with electricity and there is always a chance of power outage.. Thank you.

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Post by Hugues »

Hi Basit,

welcomed to the forum,

you might find some answers in this thread: ... ?f=7&t=164

although i cannot guarantee it works after a power outage,
Regards from Switzerland

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Post by satoer »

I'ts possible, but almost undoable. You must measure the exact layer height and find the corresponding gcode. remove the gcode before that. Re-home X Y and Z. heat everything up and resume printing on the lowest speed. Sadly, if the heated bed looses its heat, the printed part probably will come loose from the bed. So you're screwed anyway.

I don't think there are other 3D printers that can successfully resume after a power outage either.

Why don't you invest in something like this:
And print with a laptop.
My Felix 1.5 printed designs on Thingiverse
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Post by vishesh »

Dear Basit answer to your question is simple - Not at all.

Once you have power cut in between your print your print is gone forever. You will have start it all over again right from the scratch.

One solution is to have a good UPS, but again it depends on the duration for which you have power cut for long power cuts even a UPS can't save your print.

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