Mac users - please raise your hand...

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Re: Mac users - please raise your hand...

Post by Kjetilei »

I use Cura from time to time too and I'm really happy with the slicing speed.

Link to Cura

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Post by Ramaisdrama »


Hope you can help,

I got it half working on the Mac, I can see skeinforge slice bud at the end I get the following massage:
Couldn't find sliced file /Users/Marcel/Library/Repetier/tempobj.

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Post by cjoske »

Mac user who hated to switch to pc. Is there a mac install instruction available ?

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Post by tenco-proto »

Mac user here. Works fine on the iMac, not on the MacBook ... :-(

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Post by dsnijders »

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Post by seaton »

working for me on macbook Pro, with slicer, but am mainly using kisslicer now.

Felix 2.0 -> Felix 3.0 dual
Simplify3D Slicer, Kisslicer
Have you added your Felix to the Map?

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Post by dsnijders »

I have it working, following the instructions in this post. However the results on the Mac are slightly different compared to windows (running on parallels). See screenshots of G-code (e.g. line 17). Any idea what this could be?
Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 9.13.22 AM.png

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Post by aikx »

Different values in repetiers preferences?

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Post by Starwatcher22 »

Another Mac user - since 2001 ;)
Would be great if we could at least the print- & filament settings for RepetierHost for OS X, Lepafrog is offering this already and I like it!

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Post by hridge10 »

Yes. would be nice to have full instructions for mac..

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