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Frank M
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Re: Mac users - please raise your hand...

Post by Frank M »

I'm a mac user. Use also win for 3D printing. ;)

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Post by Pacificimc »

ON MAC and never looked back…...

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Post by mknippen »

Also a Mac user, would love to see more Mac support.

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Post by Kalidopixel »

Hi Kjetilei

I have just Built my Felix 2.0 & I am Using it with a Mac too :D . I do have a Old 1.2Ghz PC sat in the Corner for times when i can't only find Mac software to do a task.

Really Don't know the last time that i booted that Aging PC ;)

I might even use my raspberry pi running Linux to control the Felix :idea:

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Post by johnnyTrademark »

HI! Just got my 3.0 dual extruder printer, finished assembling it, and have it hooked up to my Mac (2.8gHz iMac i7). I'm running OSX 10.9.1.

I followed the software installation instructions in the manual (version 3) to the letter, but I'm having some problems. first, my x-axis optosensor doesn't seem to be working. I haven't chased that problem down yet, but I will. My big issue is with the slicing software. It all seems fine until I click slice with fact. I loaded the _40x10.stl file from Felix to use for my test. I used 2.1 Normal Quality for the test.

I get two error messages: "You do not have Tkinter" - do I need it?

Secondly, I get "Couldn't find sliced file /Users/johntm/Library/Repetier/tempobj.
Check if the Skeinforge naming scheme matches your Skeinforge configuration!
" in an alert box.

The second is the most troubling. The file "/users/johntm/Library/Repetier/tempobj.stl" is being created, but the command line reports that there are no slices for the model. Further it warns that "the text was not recognized in GetChainTextFromProcedures in skein forge_craft for /Users/Johntm/Library/Repetier/tempobj.stl"

What have I done wrong?
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Post by strongboynyc »

I'm a mac user too!

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Post by strongboynyc »

I'm having the same problem with my software as well.

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Post by Kjetilei »

@johnnyTrademark: It's been so long since I installed the software that I just don't remember what issues I had and what I did to remedy them. You could try Kisslicer instead of the built in slicer(s) in repetier. Kisslicer is great to use with dual extrusion and has become my favourite slicer.

PS: I would love if you posted good photos/videos of the new Felix 3.0 :)

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Post by johnnyTrademark »

Maybe success!

I think I've fount the way to get the mac software to work, but it's a kludge-up and I bet I have something wrong in the installation. But here's how a got a dry run to work:

After following the installation instructions in the V3 of the manual TO THE LETTER, and calibrating the printer, and downloading the _40x10.stl file from FELIX,

start Repetier.

connect to the printer

select the Slicer tab

click on Skeinforge and then click the configure button next to it

Python should open. At the bottom of the Python window is a Skeinforge button. Click it.

A pop-up chooser window will appear - navigate to the folder where you placed the _40x10.stl file that you downloaded. choose it.

you should see the log window in Repetier start counting down the layer build. The 40x10 file has 60 layers. when it stops, click the "Load G-Code" button at the top of the Repetier window. Select the .gcode file that was just created. Ir will have a Repetier icon. You'll see the g-code fill the window in Repetier.

Now go to page 16 of the manual and follow the steps there. I did a dry run first.

I still haven't got a part made yet because I still have to adjust the dual extruder head, the LCD isn't working right, and my x-axis sensor is wonky, but I'll fix all that and let you know what else I screw up!

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Post by jon24hansen »

Hey, Mac user here, just got my printer constructed (3.0), and now I'm trying to install the software; extreme noob to anything outside average jo computer use, and 3d printing, having difficulties. For starters, when I go to the FTCI it offers three different versions for the processor architecture, which one do I choose (x86(32bit), x64(64bit), or PPC)?

Well anyways, I installed the x86(32bit) one, and choose to install the second one, which is for mac versions 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8, My Mac is version 10.9.2, would this keep me from being able to use this software?

I went to my terminal through applications>utilities>terminal, and tried typing in what the instructions manual said to see if it was properly installed, (cd /dev ls-l) and it says no such file or directory, and command not found. Does this mean it didn't install right, or am I just doing something wrong?

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