Mac users - please raise your hand...

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Re: Mac users - please raise your hand...

Post by usul27 »

One happy Mac user here. Got everything running without problems :D

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Post by agentmulder »

'ello chaps

Mac user here in Melbourne, Australia

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Post by DBL »

I am also a Mac User.
I am using Felix 3.0 dual with either Repetier-Host / Slic3R or Simplify 3D.
Felix 3.0 Dual downgraded to Single with E3D V6

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Post by kiteboarder »

Hi Everyone,

I received my Felix 3.0 this morning and first impressions nice hardware, however I'm finding the software a total nightmare and unable to get up and running.

I am using a Mac, so have installed the drivers and software as per manual in point 4.2, i have Repetier Host Mac 0.56 open and stuck at 4.3

When i click connect, sometimes i get "connection opened" and bottom corner "5 commands waiting" i waited a while then did disconnect and reconnect and this time i got more stuff in the command box and status saying "idle" instead. I not something it can be random depending which i get.

The next stage is "Manual Control" i don't have this option in the tabs. i have as follows
Object Placement
Print Panel ( this is located where "Manual Control" is shown in the user manual)

I clicked on Print Panel thinking its just a different name, but it looks nothing like what I'm seeing in the manual, where you can click up and down arrows etc.

Im now stuck at this point and spent around 3 hours with the software at the moment. I must this say this is very different to the plug and play experience i got with another printer.

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Post by polymerled »

I used my Felix 3.0 on Mac OS recently using Repetier and while it was more pretty than its Windows counterpart, the software wasn't stable enough for me to get work done. Put it on an old Windows laptop and no issues since.

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Post by Adapt »

Hi all. I'm also a Mac user. Finished assembling my Felix 3d single extruder with LCD yesterday. Now looking for PLA in Sydney to roll out some test prints.
Out of the box my LCD displays the heading 'Felix 2.0' when the printer is fired up. Is there a firmware update I need to perform?

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Post by FernandoGarza »

Hello Adapt. I recently bought a Felix 3.0 and had the same question. I did upgrade the firmware to the latest version and found the lcd interface to be much better. You can find the new firmware at ... =firmware/

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Post by vandevyver »

Mac user using

Felix 3
Simplify 3D

all on Mac
Luc Van de Vyver

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Post by Raleonh »

Mac user here but....
I'm not able to install the Repetier with the s-fact files...
Can anyone help me?!?

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Post by agentmulder »

Well, first off, better to describe what is or isn't happening?

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