Mac users - please raise your hand...

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Re: Mac users - please raise your hand...

Post by zebra404 »

And here's another Mac-fan in da House…

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Post by Rianne »

Im also a Mac user!

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Post by Pieter »

my pc just dropped dead a few days ago, now I'm trying to get repetier host going on my mac, and it's a nightmare. ... c_0_56.dmg has to be configured manually, and I could get skeinforge set-up, but it's a joke compared to what I got on my PC. Slic3r has a button in the UI, setup is not explained and Cura isn't mentioned at all in the user manual.
I'm used to use cura & slic3r, fill in my fillament type, layer settings,...
I'm lost with the mac version!
not happy at all right now. :oops:

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Post by janwijbrand »

Kjetilei wrote:How many Felix owners are using Macs/Repetier-Host Mac?
*raises hand*

I'm new here. Finished assembling my Felix 3.1 yesterday. Now experimenting like crazy :)

One thing I found is not having the CuraEngine slicer option available in Repertier-Host (I do have the Slic3r and Skeinforge options though). I do not know why. Anyone any idea?
Felix 3.1 single extruder, soon to be Tec 4 dual

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Post by jefstaes »

Hey ... I'm not an expert ... I bought Simplify3D ... and since then a lot of stuff became much easier. I use Thinkercad to create 3D things and Simplify3D to print what I have created ...

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