X and Z not returning home!

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Re: X and Z not returning home!

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There´s a simple way to get arround this offset problem: Use a trimmer between the SIG - and GND - wires (something arround 10 k could work). Start at the highest resistance and measure the voltage between SIG and GND. Reduce the resistance until the voltage is as it should be, or until there aren´t false triggers anymore.

The trimmers pull down the signal voltage, depending on their resistance.

I didn´t try it myself yet, but that´s something I´ve already read about and that makes sense.

Be carefull when you do this, if you pull down the voltage to low, you´ll get no trigger anymore and your machine will crash into to mechanic endstops.

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All " homing" problems solved! I started replacing the x-optosensor and x-homing was< perfect. z-homing still a problem. Then replaced the z-sensor and the z-homing was perfect . However the y-homing didn't work anymore ! I then replaced also the y-sensor and everything worked well!! My upgraded Felix prints like a jewel! :D
Thanks for the support and the ideas.

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