Felix 2.0 Opto Problems

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Felix 2.0 Opto Problems

Post by Fujitsa »

Hi guys, I'm posting on behalf of a friend who purchased a Felix 2.0

I've got some problems with the Opto sensors that go with the version 2.1 Felixboard.

The first thing I noticed, was that the leds on the opto sensors were not on, however their leds on the board were. When physically triggering the opto sensors, the led on the board would turn on and off, So I presumed that it was reading it fine.

However, when I test the m119 code on the software, it returns the opto sensors as all triggered.

After doing some reading, I realise that the power supplied to the opto sensors are 3v not the recommended 5v. Upon changing this the led on the opto sensors turn on, meaning both sets of leds are now on, and upon physically triggering the sensors the corresponding lights turn off. Indicating that they were working physically.

Upon returning to the software and again trying the m119 code, I discover that it is still triggered. I then decide to use the original marlin software, to see if there was a bug, however when I hit the m119 code, all the responses are now open, and when I physically block the opto sensors, the leds trigger and turn off, but the m119 code is still open. not triggered.

I hope this all makes sense!

I'm really quite stuck now... and any help at all would be appreciated, I wish I had some spare ramps and arduinos lying around, so I could see if there was a glitch with the board...

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

Thanks, Zheng

The first issue is that when I upload the firmware to the felix board and test the m119 code on the opto ends the response I get is triggered.

Upon doing some reading I realised that these opto sensors needed to have

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