Can you print a working LEGO brick?

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Can you print a working LEGO brick?

Post by markm »

I'm thinking about buying a Felix printer but I am wondering if it is accurate enough to print a LEGO brick that actually clicks together with real LEGO bricks? I believe that LEGO bricks are manufactured to quite high tolerances, certainly competitor products are often disappointingly sloppy in their fit. Has anyone actually printed working LEGO bricks?



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Post by satoer »

Well... to get a good fit, you need to calibrate the slicer perfectly. The nobs on the lego are a bit small, and the printed version isn't as durable.

Duplo however is great to print. I've designed Duplo bumper cars that fits perfect. I even printed it half the size for Lego. See my thingiverse for lego bumper car pictures.
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