Repetier Host Mac vs PC - Can somebody explain these observe

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Repetier Host Mac vs PC - Can somebody explain these observe

Post by stratogavster »

Hello All,

Not wanting to start a debate.....but....i'm swapping between Mac and PC as i'm trying to mitigate the software issues I think i'm having.

I have spotted variances in behaviour between both platforms....i've taken screenshots to show what is happening. The mac shows very smooth graphs while the PC is very wobbly

Both gcodes where made using KISSlicer using the same settings but using different platforms. As you can see there graphs look very different and after further testing on different files the trend is the same. (I'm not sure what the bottom graph shows anyways - maybe somebody can enlighten me :) )
Repetier Host 032 Mac KISSlicer Temp Fan.png
Repetier Host 072 Win7 64bit.png

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Post by Kjetilei »


I'm running Mac 0.32 too but don't have the lowest graph. have not had the time to look into it though...

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Post by dognotdog »

I believe the lower graph shows the current on the heating elements, at least the green seems to be that for the extruder. The light blue curve on the bottom graph I have no idea.

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