PLA goes not through the nozzle

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PLA goes not through the nozzle

Post by pixeltroll »

My Felix2 is assembled.
And all things works fine except the hotend!

The PLA Filament, goes not through the hotend.
I tried to adjust the motor pressure,
I tried to pull the filament manually into the Hotend.
I opened the Extruder to look inside, I could look though the end of the hotend.
Through the nozzle I can't look.
The hotend has the right temperature of 195C° for extruding.
I using the Test filament from Felix.
it seems that the nozzle is looked.
What shall I do, do I need a new Nozzle?

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Post by Bachgassenbande »

Raise the temperature up to 215°C and try to feed with motor and support from hand.
Not working:
Remove filament, let the heater on
Cut filament to an sharp edge
Feed by hand but don't feed unit nozzle
Feed by motor till filamnet is not moving anymore or pushed through nozzle
Support by hand if needed to push through nozzle

Try this 2-3 times
If not working you have to disassamble and clean the nozzle
For 99.9% of my nozzle cloggings this resolved my issue

If you got good extruding then extrude and lower temperature
You need an nice filament output building nice loops and coming almost straight through the nozzle.
If not doing, than you have to clean your nozzle, sometimes extruding more helps sometimes you have to disassamble the nozzle.

Additional check you diameter of you filament; good one has +/-0,05mm diameter tolerance.
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Post by pixeltroll »

Thank's for help, and sorry for the late answer.
The last weeks I had many to do.
The Problem was the nozzle.
This one was not properly drilled or damaged by me at assembling
The nozzle was almost closed at the end.

I opened the end with a drill, then it worked better.
but now I buyed the newest hotend Version, this version works really fine.
but a small Problem has remained.
At the middle of my print the nozzle is often clogging and nothing pla Comes though anymore.
after i pull the filament out; I see that the fillament has a thickening on the end.
What shall I doo to avoid this?

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Post by Sündi »

When I have this problem I reduced the retraction to 2mm since then I haven´t had this problem

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Post by pixeltroll »

the nozzle was damaged :-(

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