can the printer be upgraded to use 3mm filament ?

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can the printer be upgraded to use 3mm filament ?

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I want to try some material, but i can only find it in 3mm... anyone care to advise on how to make the printer use 3mm filament also ?:)


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Change your extruder
Don't know if the 3mm bowden extruder also fits. For sure you have to change something on the extruder (bigger diameters and diffrent bearing; but maybe the hotend does not need to be reworked)
Just check the drawings on the supplier side. And check the extruder design from the link above.
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I believe the 3mm e3D extruder is the same design and should fit my e3D bracket fine. But you can't use a 1.75 feeder design. The resolution of the stepper motor is probably to low to feed the 3mm that slow. So, you need a geared down feeder. There probably lots of them on thingiverse. Don't forget to recalibrate the steps / mm on the extruder filament in the firmware.

Note: Flexible filaments do not work with Bowden setups. What material do you want to try?
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