sfact profiles file location problem

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sfact profiles file location problem

Post by mrtbart »

I have experienced serious problems with sfact. Whatever profile I select, the slicing-results are the same. Using the config-button shows that only the default profile is read out; this implies for example that on the dimension tab a filament thickness is set of 2.8mm.

I read about selecting other profiles using the button in the configuration window, but I have no option to change to the felix preinstalled sfact configs.

The solution I found thus far is to copy the whole bunch of profiles from ....\RepetierHostFELIXPrinters\sfact_profiles\profiles\ to the folder containing the default one (i.e. ....\RepetierHostFELIXPrinters\sfact_profiles\profiles\sfact_profiles\profiles)

I think this is a bug.

I use windows 7, and had this behavior after a fresh install of setupRepetierHostFELIXPrinters_0_90.exe

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Post by Bachgassenbande »

As I'm also running Win7 I did not had/have this issues.
I followed the manual to install. (see Download section of Felix homepage; load the software also from the Download section)
Please make sure that you have Administrator rights for installation; this resolves sometimes installation problems.
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Post by mrtbart »

After moving the profiles to the said place, no more problems occurred. Wrong placing has happened twice on the same PC, both times after install perfectly according to the manual, using Windows 7 Ultimate, under an administrator account.
On an old XP computer and two other windows 7 computer (on one of them I certainly do not have administrator rights) no problems occurred.
I have not any clue what the reason of this behavior has been. To avoid the problems I had, I suggest people to check whether a full list of profiles is visible under the profile button in the configuration window (not just in the dropdown list of the main window; the profiles did appear there in my erronuous installation).
Furthermore, it might be an idea to change the so called default profile (if possible, I think it is automatically generated by skeinforge or sfact, while it is not there on a good install..), because this one is more or less useless for the felix printer: the filament diameter and nozzle diameter are wrong for a standard extruder (3,0mm resp. 0,5mm).

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Post by mairas »

I had the same issue and couldn't figure out why the test parts came out botched. I fixed the working directory setting in Slicer Manager and now the prints are flawless. Yay!

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