Nut & Bolt Settings

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Nut & Bolt Settings

Post by Pacificimc »

Hello Everyone.

Still new but having lots of fun with our new 2.0 Felix…Learning some tricks in drawing in supports rather then using the software. !!

Could you share some settings in PLA to make high quality parts like the Nut shown in the Media photo on the Felix web-page

Were using SFACT and even a screen shot on feed & speeds would be great. we are at 195c at the tip and 55c on the bed.

Thanks for your support…..Bob

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Post by Hugues »


i also use SFACT regularly,

for such fine details, i would print at high quality (0.1mm layers), reduce speed to 60%, keep feed at 100%, and i'm normally printing PLA at 210 C

show us some pics when you get that printed
Regards from Switzerland

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