Felix 2.0 - a surprise hit at 2013 MAKE 3D printer shootout

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Felix 2.0 - a surprise hit at 2013 MAKE 3D printer shootout

Post by Kjetilei »

Felix 2.0 fares well in this year's MAKE 3D printer shootout/Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing!

Results of the 3D printer shootout

A quick tease from the Felix 2.0 review

Congratulations to Guillaume (and to us - the buyers of Felix 3D printers ;))!

Looking forward to learn more about the results.

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Post by Bachgassenbande »

New Model: Felix 3.0

A new Felix, version 3.0, was not yet available for our review, but the company promises dual extrusion, a flatter heated bed, a new hot-end with exchangeable brass tips for easier cleaning, and more.

Ok we do have the flatter head bed which is really an improvement (have it installed yesterday)
We do have the new hot end with exchangeable brass tips (ordered it already, lets see if it will replace the E3D hotend)
Waiting for dual extrusion and more ;)
Felix 2.0
E3D Kraken Hotend
3mm Glas bed
LED light bar upgrade

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Post by gfeliksdal »

Thanks Kjetil, I was of course extremely pleased to hear the results :)...Glad to see the hard work is received well. We've done our best to make the machine as good as possible. Next stop is the 3.0 :), hope that will be received just as positive.

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