Felix 2.0 Electronics VS RAMPS 1.4

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Felix 2.0 Electronics VS RAMPS 1.4

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Hallo, Can anybody tell me about the differences between the 'Felix 2.0 Electronics board' and the 'RAMPS 1.4', Does it matter which one you use and what are the pros and the cons?

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Post by satoer »

As far as I know the 2.0 has a integrated SD card slot, better stepper driver controllers and screw on terminals. But, as a con, everything is a single board design and all the components are soldered on. If a component get's broken (like a steppermotor controller chip), you need to replace the whole board.
Also, there's no room for experimenting with unused Arduino pin's.
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My biggest complaint of the new board is there is no unused I/O bought out to headers

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