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Re: Filament jam

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I was in trouble with filament jams... after 20 -30 nice printed pieces (some big one) there was always problem. After 50cm well extrusion, 10s pause there came jam. Always...
I bought a new head v.4, but problem was not solved. :evil:

After a month with no prints (lot of other jobs) I start checking everything... filaments (4 types), temperatures, retractions... based on posts here I was thinking to check voltage on fun...
But, wait! It blows in opposite direction!!!! :shock:

Well my fault. Now it works wel... ;)

Thanks for postings!

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Post by Capella_Ben »

instasquid wrote:Just in ase anyone ends up browsing this thread with the same problem: I fixed it by buying the v4 head. Both v3 heads are still jammed and useless, but the v4 is installed and printing just fine.

An expensive and annoying solution, but a solution all the same.
Same thing happened to me. V3 head just finally failed. New thermistor didn't help. I cleaned it out every way I could think of. But it continually kept jamming.

I bought a new V4 and it extrudes nicely now.

The new problem is that infill won't stick to the kapton bed properly. Perimeters are fine. I'm thinking that the tip on the head is hitting the already laid plastic and moving it. The new tip is less pointy than the previous version.
Felix 3.0 (upgraded from 2.0)

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Hi everyone,

are there instructions anywhere as to how to service the hot ends in a Model 3 dual printhead? We bought it preassembled and the instructions are onlz available for one extruder models.


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What questions do you have in particular?

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