New hotend peek melted

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New hotend peek melted

Post by alanh »

So I bought one of the new hotends.

All looks nice, but just tried printing at 220 and it's melted the threads near the hotend itself in the plastic peek.

I've contacted Felix printers to see if I can get a replacement, but my previous hotend peek never suffered from this kind of problem so I'm wondering if it's made of different material.

Anyway, just a heads up folks on this new hotend.

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Post by satoer »

Are you sure you didn't striped the threads by screwing it in too tight? PEEK has a melting point of 343 degrees. Hard to believe you melted it at 220. Or you have a serious thermistor problem and the real temperature was way higher than the 220...
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Post by alanh »

Positive. The threads are melted, and the thermistor is already in the pre-assembled hotend too.

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Post by rmerrick »

yes mine did too. i set if for 275C to get ABS to flow and checked with thermocouple . the tip was at 245 and it melted. Ohh the grey ABS did start to flow then.. The blue I have now runs at 220C

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Post by Makron »

Density 1320 kg/m3
Young's modulus (E) 3.6 GPa
Tensile strength (σt) 90-100 MPa
Elongation @ break 50%
notch test 55 kJ/m2
Glass temperature 143 °C
melting point ~343 °C
Thermal Conductivity 0.25 W/m.K
Water absorption, 24 hours (ASTM D 570) - 0.1%

I find it hard to believe it melted .?

Maybe mondaymoring peek

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Post by Bachgassenbande »

Maybe the new insulator is not PEEK anymore.
As PEEK is really expensive.

Or the supplier made an mistake with the compound or molding of the PEEK material.

Get in contact with the Felix support so they can sent the material to the supplier or a lab for analysis.
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Post by Lonos »

I think I have the same problem, if I understand correctly what you are talking about.

I just received my Felix 3.0 two weeks ago and have been printing a little bit since. From the beginning on I could see some PLA squeezing out from above the print head. Didn't think it was unusual, I mean it was brand new, just assumed that's what it looked like when printing. Now a couple prints later, the extruder head simply fell off! Can I fix it myself or will I need to wait for replacement parts?

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Post by Saamec »

Apparently you just overheated the head. If this is a true PEEK (polyetheretherketone) this should not be. Look preserved whether the thread? if not, you should order a PEEK.

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Post by Lonos »

I have talked to Guillaume and he has already sent out a new one to me :)

He said the same, that can only happen with overheating. But the thermistor is installed correctly and seems to be working just fine. I will test it before I install the new hotend.
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Post by Mike »

I have the same problem. Felix 3.0 with the v4 hot-end. The PEEK part threads melt and become soft when printing ABS on 240 deg, and the barrel then bends from the mechanical inertia and/or occasional friction against the printed part. The ABS plastic comes out fine and starts flowing at the expected temperature as shown on the display. The correct room temperature is also shown when idle. I don't think this is a sensor problem, but rather a material problem or perhaps an issue with the flow of heat or head gradient in the barrel under certain conditions.

Any ideas on how to handle this? I have already replaced the PEEK part (support sent me free replacement when I described the problem), but it happened again. This is after also having replaced and re-routed the thermistors.

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