Sfact profiles for nonadmin accounts

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Sfact profiles for nonadmin accounts

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We have 10 felix printers that we want to use for education. So I need to install repetier host on 10 windows 7 computers. Repetier host should work on an account that doesn't have administrator rights. It would be even better if repetier host works on all accounts. The users should be able to select slicing profiles and make their own profiles. We do not want the users to be able to install other software.

I installed repetier host when i was logged in under an administrator account. It worked perfectly under that account but I am having multiple problems when I am logged on another account without administrator rights.
I tried putting the sfact profiles in a public folder and pointing repetier host to that folder. The profiles show up in repetier host. But it doesn´t matter which profile i select, it always slices the model the same.And when i want to check or change the profiles and click configure, the profiles do not show up in the skeinforge settings, there is only a default profile.
I also put the workmap in a public folder because otherwise it wouldn't slice at all.

How can I install repetier host so the sfact profiles are available for non admin accounts?

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